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Physiotherm infrared room

Innovation in the Balinea spa resort - Our new Physiotherm infrared room!

In addition to common full body treatments such as  steam baths, there are two Physiotherm infrared rooms in the Balinea spa resort.

The low-temperature technology of infrared rooms distributes heat efficiently throughout the body's blood vessels, using the skin's natural thermal defence reaction. Thanks to the uniform distribution of heat throughout the body, it naturally thermoregulates itself by removing excess heat through the skin (by sweating).

The gradual supply of heat in the infrared room does not only penetrate the skin, but also the interior of the body and can be a preventive therapy if used regularly. In addition to that, a session in the Physiotherm infrared room creates a mild cardiovascular stimulation.
The benefits of this type of heating room are numerous: strengthening of the immune system, increased blood flow, stimulation of the metabolism, easing of muscle tension and even complete back relaxation. The heat treatment also has a purifying effect and can therefore help to treat skin diseases.

In order to experience a session of 30 minutes, you just need to insert 4.00 € outside the room, which can fit up to two people.

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