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The Halo Therapy

The combined healing effect of the salt air and the special microclimate of the cave makes halotherapy effective for the respiratory tract and also the whole body. The salt particles, similar to tiny crystals, can be inhaled and reach the lungs. The reduction in respiratory infections following this therapy is explained by the increase in the number of alveolar macrophages, which act on the development of the immune response and on the proper regulation of antibody production in the blood.

In contrast to dosing aerosols such as ventolin, dry saline air provides exceptional hypoallergenic purity of the room air, a space in which microbes, germs, viruses and moulds have no chance to survive. Suspended particles such as pollen and dust are attracted and kept to the ground. As a result, the risk of contagion in the event of a cold or infectious disease is much lower during a halotherapy session in the salt cave than in any other closed room.


Extensive scientific studies show that saline air stimulates immune responses in the respiratory tract, dissolves mucus, stimulates the excretion of bronchial mucus, enhances resistance to infection and the ability to correct the immune system and reduces the incidence of mucosal inflammation.

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