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Physiotherm infrared cabin

New offer in the Thermal Bath Balinea - Physiotherm infrared cabins

In addition to common full body treatments such as sauna and steam bath, there are two Physiotherm infrared cabins in the Thermal Bath Balinea.

The low-temperature technology of infrared cabins uses the natural defence reaction of the skin when being exposed to heat to distribute the heat all over the body by means of blood vessels. The uniform heat distribution avoids critical temperature ranges in a natural way.

The infrared cabin provides a gentle heat supply which reaches not only the skin but also the interior of the body, which can be a valuable preventive therapeutical concept when being regularly used. Furthermore, a session in a Physiotherm infrared cabin has an effect like a light cardiovascular endurance training.
Besides, the immune system can be strengthened, the blood flow can be increased and the metabolism can be improved. Moreover, tensions and backache are relieved. The heat treatment has a purging effect and can have a positive impact on skin diseases.

Inserting 4.00 € in coins allows a session of 30 minutes for up to two persons in the Physiotherm cabin of the Thermal Bath Balinea.

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