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Positive effects

Our Bad Bellingen thermal spring waters have many positive effects on your muscles and respiratory system.

What makes our thermal water so special:

The water warmth creates a thermal stimulus in your body

The water temperature ranges from 34 to 36°C, which is ideal for a complete body relaxation. Indeed, the spa heat increases the joints and muscles pain threshold, allowing you to perform underwater movements without pain or with much less discomfort once immersed.

A hydro-mechanical effect: the “buoyant force” of the body

Underwater, the body seems to lose more than 90% of its weight. This phenomenon is commonly called "buoyancy", and thanks to their high mineral content, the Bad Bellingen thermal spring waters tenfold this feeling of lightness. Moving around underwater requires much less energy than on land. The "buoyancy" of the water will also help you standing up straight, as the muscles used for this posture get relieved.

A high content of sodium chloride:

- Improves the blood flow and creates a feeling of warmth on the skin

A high content of calcium and hydrogen carbonate: 

- Have an anti-inflammatory effect

A high content of sulphate:

- Has a positive effect on joint inflammations and degenerative joint diseases

A high content of carbon dioxide:

- Is beneficial for the heart (commendable in case of cardiovascular problems)
- Has a positive effect on blood pressure
- Regulates the heart-peripheral blood vessels 

Important note

Dear guests,

Balinea Spa is getting ready for the summer!
The cleaning of the pools and sauna will take place as follows: