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Additionnal information

Benefits of the halo therapy: 

- Heals lung, throat, nose, ear as well as skin diseases
- Maintains good hygiene in the respiratory system 
- Prevents colds and viral infections
- Relieves cystic fibrosis, inflammation of the respiratory tract
- Relieves hay fever and allergic rhinitis
- Helps in case of in smoking cessation
- Prevents allergies caused by food, chemical or environmental allergens
- Treats multiple chemical hypersensitivity
- Treats psycho-emotional disorders
- Strengthens the respiratory and the immune systems

Small guide for a typical session:

During the sessions, you should simply breathe in the diffused saline air normally. The inhaled air will have a purifying, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect on the respiratory system. To fully benefit from the therapy, we recommend you to start each session by deeply inhaling 10 times through your nose, inflating your belly, then your abdomen and finally your clavicles (as if you were breathing through your belly), followed by slow, full exhales through your mouth. Also, if you feel the need to cough during the sessions, don't suppress it. This is a normal reaction of your respiratory system and the coughing shows that the benefits of salt are beginning to be felt.

Important note

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