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The benefits of saline air

Salt has been proven to be an effective way for clensing the respiratory system.

Owing to the saline air and the calming atmosphere, our Dead Sea Salt cave is an ideal place for a deep and long-term relaxation.

Salt is a hygroscopic substance, which means that it prevents the air moisture from penetrating into the lungs. Saline air therefore has a natural humidifying effect on the mucous membranes. The mucus deep in the bronchial tubes or trachea is dissolved, thus facilitating expectoration (coughing up secretions from the lower respiratory tract). Through the discharged secretions, expectoration also cleanses the lungs and bronchial tubes of bacteria and other parasites, allowing you to breathe more deeply.

Salt air is not only a natural way to fight respiratory diseases, but also a real boon for treating neurodermatitis or allergies thanks to its high iodine content. This strengthens your immune system, improves the texture of your skin and reduces or even eliminates itchy skin.

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