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The Dead Sea Salt Cave

Just breathe in, breathe out, and rest.

You will be amazed by discovering our state-of-the-art Dead Sea Salt Cave's microclimate. As matter of fact, the ambient air is enriched with numerous salt ions and valuable minerals which are absorbed by your body while breathing and which thereby strengthens your body's immune system and relaxes your mind.

The salt cave is made up of about 12,000 pure atmosphere-ionising salt bars. The saline air contains many minerals such as iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride, iron or even selenium. But what makes our cave so special is that our salt actually comes from the Dead Sea, which is therefore more soluble and charges the air with much more ions than other types of salts.

Course of action of each session: You just have to lie down on a comfortable deckchair, cosily wrapped in a blanket if desired, and simply rest for 45 minutes while breathing the saline air.

Sneak peak at the Dead Sea Salt Cave:

- A salt cave session is possible independently from a stay in the Balinea thermal baths (in your everyday clothes).
- Comfortable deckchairs and blankets are available freely.
- The ambient temperature inside the cave is around 21°C with humidity content around 20 - 25%.
- Soft relaxing music sounds in the cave.
- Discreet colours dance before your eyes.
- A separate cave is also available for families.
- You will also find additional offers in regard to the salt cave such as the Halo therapy and much more.
- To access the salt cave, a reservation is required at the phone number +49 (0)7635 8080
- In case of any thyroid problems please consult your doctor before coming to the salt cave.

Salt has a healing effect in case of:

- Pulmonary and bronchial diseases
- Cardiovascular diseases (such as high blood pressure, infarct, etc...)
- Skin diseases (such as scabs, dermatitis, etc...)
- Allergies