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The effect of saline air

Salt is a classical means to open up the respiratory tract.

Owing to the saline air and the calming atmosphere, the Dead Sea Salt cave Balinea is an ideal place to find deep and long-term relaxation.

Salt is a hygroscopic substance which means that it binds water out of the air and retains it on the surface of the respiratory system. Saline air thus acts like a natural humidifier for the mucous membranes and as an expectorant for deep-seated mucus making it easier to cough up. Coughing up enhances the removal of bacteria and other deposits from the lungs and the bronchial tubes so that we can take deep breaths again.

Saline air is not only a natural means in fighting respiratory diseases but also a real blessing for neurodermatitis and allergies due to its iodine content. The immune system is strengthened, the appearance of your skin is improved, itching is reduced and/or disappears completely.

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