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Halo Therapy

Halotherapy means the interactive healing effect of natural common salt aerosol and the corresponding microclimate on our respiratory system and the whole body. The size of the salt particles is the same as the one in natural salt mines. 1 to 5 mµ, this is why the particles, which are inhaled in form of tiny crystals, can reach the depth of the lungs and reach all the bronchial tubes. The dry aerosol of common salt, of which small quantities are inhaled, stimulates the defences of the respiratory system, strengthens the immune system - especially the bronchial system - and acts as an expectorant. The reduction of inflammations of the respiratory system can be explained with an increase of the alveolar macrophage which interacts with the strengthening of the body’s immune reaction, which leads to a normalisation of the immunoglobulin value in the blood.

In contrast to the nebulisation of brine, the dry salt aerosol helps to create a hypoallergenic and extraordinary pure ambient air, because microbes, germs, viruses and mould spores have no possibilities to survive and to transmit under such room conditions. Suspended substances such as dust and pollens are bonded and sink to the bottom.
For this reason, you have a far lower risk of infection as to colds or infectious diseases compared to other enclosed rooms and facilities.

Our advice:

Thorough clinical investigations have proved, that the common salt aerosol of high dispersion stimulates the defences of the respiratory system, acts as an expectorant, supports the secretion of bronchial mucus, strengthens the resistance to infections and the capability of immune correction and reduces the frequency of mucosal inflammations.

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